Ombre Brows Training


Ombre Brow trainings have evolved over the years and Color Lab Academy is happy to be part of the change with both online and in-person trainings in NYC.

Ombre Brows has changed the permanent makeup game...tremendously! Clients have become savvy, and they know Microblading isn't for everyone, so I assume that is why you're here too, right?

I think it is also safe to assume that you're wanting to finally work toward your dream of having your own beauty space, and saying goodbye to the monotony of your current career.

You're not alone!


Having the ability to provide services to a diverse pool of clients will ultimately increase your potential for making money. Who the heck would turn that down?

Our online training is built to be comprehensive and thorough. Not only are we teaching you how to create beautiful brows, we are teaching you about the business of brows.

Many of you are planning to launch your own business at some point, and we want to help you along that journey.

We, your trainers, are women, mothers and career changers like many of you. We know it isn't a small task to follow through on your dreams while "adulting" and handling the many tasks thrown at you daily. Because we know just what it means to have many responsibilities, we built this online training platform to be easily digested at a pace you feel comfortable with.

Brow Creation with Color Lab NYC


Color Lab Academy

Virtual Learning

Access your course when you want it for easier and more convenient learning on the go. This app is innovative because it allows you to not only learn but communicate with your instructor in real time.


Our online community was built to give you support in real time by both your instructor/s and fellow students. Have your questions answered and feedback given when you need it.

Monthly Check-ins

Tune in to our monthly live streams to answer your questions and check in on your progress the last Monday of every month.

Lifelong Community Access

You never know what you may come across during your career and it is important for us to provide you with a community for on-going support, skill building, and motivation.

Learn How to Work on All Skin Colors, Ages, and Types

Diversity Matters

Unlike many other trainings currently offered, our training places emphasis on how to create brows for everyone NOT just light skin 20 year olds with perfect skin. We believe in maximizing your potential to earn income, so it doesn't make sense to teach you how to work on one type of client.


Color Lab Academy Review

Profit Pages helps make your site amazing!

I was able to take a training provided by Nneka and OMG it was the best training I’ve taken. As a PMU artist, it is very important to continue education and know the right/ wrong things when it comes to this industry. I learned so much from her course and I feel like my own artistry has improved tremendously. 10/10 would recommend! Also Nneka is just amazing! Love that I will be able to reach out to her if I need anything!

Student review for Color Lab Academy.

Profit Pages helps make your site amazing!

Had the best PMU training and follow up with Nneka. She is an amazing instructor who not only teaches you how to work on clients but she is very detailed about all the business and licensing information you will ever need to be a successful artist. I fully recommend to anyone looking to start in this beautiful industry.


The course is structured in a manner that allows maximum learning at a pace that isn't overwhelming, so say Bye-Bye to the old industry standard of rushed courses and little help!

Student Review

Microblading & Ombre Brow Training

Claudia trained with Color Lab Academy in 2017 and 2018 in the art of Microblading and Ombre Brows. Hear what she has to say about her skills and business after training.


Virtual Ombre Brow Curriculum

  • Legalities
  • Consent Forms
  • BBP Testing
  • Sanitation and Hygiene
  • Contraindications
  • Skin
  • Pigment and Color Theory
  • Brow Mapping
  • Machines & Cartridges
  • Aftercare
  • Hands-on practice with 3 models (students must bring models)
  • Touchup Procedures (live demonstration + instructions)
  • Certification
  • Licensing

Ombre Brow In-Person Curriculum
Your in-person training begins with our 14-day online training. This is a requirement for all in-person students, as the goal is to prepare you with the theory portion of your training prior to you coming in for the 3 days of in-person hands-on training.

  • Review of online curriculum
  • Practice pad work
  • Hands-on Brow Mapping
  • Hands-on Color Theory
  • Live model demonstration
  • Student practice on models (2)


Time Freedom

Creating work-life balance instead of feeling like your attention and time are going to all of the things that aren't fulfilling you; family, friends, travel.


Doing what you want when you want without having to ask anyone for permission matters to you.


You probably want to create more opportunities for yourself, and you know that money won't bring you happiness, but it will provide more opportunities.

Doing What Makes Your Soul Smile

Being able to wake up every day without the gut wrenching anxiety that comes from working a job that drains you.



Ombre Brows on client age 55 by Color Lab NYC
Ombre Brows on client over 60 years old by Color Lab NYC
Ombre Brows client with normal skin type by Color Lab NYC
Microblading Correction using Ombre Brows by Color Lab NYC
Ombre Brows created by Color Lab NYC
Microshading by Color Lab NYC

Don't Allow Previous Trainings to Hold You Back

Give Yourself a Chance

Many artists have gone through a training that left them feeling unsure about their skills. Color Lab Academy was designed to not only give you the skills needed to create gorgeous brows, but the fundamentals of your skills, on-going support, and community to keep you motivated and positive.




Refund & Chargeback Policy
Because this is a knowledge-based course and knowledge cannot be taken back once acquired, refunds are not given.

Any attempt to chargeback the payment made for tuition will result in revoked access to all portions of training, and possible legal action.

Do I need to be an Esthetician or Cosmetologist to offer Ombre Brows?

No, you do not have to be an esthetician or cosmetologist to perform ombre brows. What you will have to figure out is if the city/ county you plan to work in requires a tattoo license to operate. We do assist those who reside in the United States with resources to tattoo licensure. Residents outside of the United States will need to check in with their local health departments or governing boards for further information.

How long will it take to finish the course?

The Ombre Brow online course was designed for you to work at your own pace, so how soon you finish is up to you, but please expect a minimum of 12 to 14 days to complete all segments of the course.

When does the course start and finish?

ALL students will have access to the course for a total of 12 months from the time of enrollment so as to revisit content as needed.

The course begins immediately after enrollment and is broken up into modules spread across 12 days. This method of learning ensures students aren't rushing through the program.

Do I receive a student kit with my training?

Online students can choose to purchase the course plus a kit.

In-person students receive a kit with training.

Where can I ask questions or get support once I start the course?

Our courses are hosted on a platform that allows you to message your instructor in real time for assistance. We reply to all messages within 48 hours. Other students in our community will have the ability to answer your questions as well should you post in the student forum.

Also note, the app is where you will share your progress photos, concerns, questions, etc. For 90 days, you will have the ability to work at your own pace and contact us for clarification.

In addition, you will have access to the course content for 12 months AND lifetime access to our general (free) community.

What is the difference between the Ombre Brow and Ombre Brow with Kit courses?

- The Ombre Brow virtual course & coaching grants you access to the course only.
- The Ombre Brow virtual course & coaching with the kit comes with a student kit full of items needed to practice your skills.

How do I know this is for me?

Whether you’re someone who has already taken one of our live courses, or classes with another company, or even someone who has absolutely no experience in beauty, we’re ready to share our exclusive techniques and strategies with you!

Imagine yourself, on your own schedule, making an average of $650 per client! Whether you’re a student, a busy parent, or an accomplished beautician who simply wants to expand: our Microshading/ Ombre Brow online training is for you!

Ombre brow sessions, on average, can range between $400-$1,500 per client depending on the experience and location of the technician.

Why should I take the virtual course?

- Saving on travel costs AND your precious time with our online platform and community
- No need to attend live training for a few days just to forget half of the information weeks later
- Revisit information as many times as you like for a full year
- Practice whenever and wherever you want
- Precise and dedicated DAILY guidance from your instructor via our platform (app)

Why should I take the in-person course?

There is nothing like hands-on practice with your instructor right by your side, especially as you work on models.

Will I get a certificate when I complete the course?

Yes, when the course has been successfully completed, a certificate of completion will be issued to you.

***Please note, you must make sure to follow all local health department guidelines in your city, county, or state to perform Ombre Brows.